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Aghios Nikolas Crete

Most ancient of the Ancients - Phoenician and Minoans 2,700 - 9,000 BC


Crete is the southern most of the Greek Islands, and with the most colorful ancient Greece history.

We ported in Aghios Nikolas and drove an hour west to Heraklion where we visited Knossos....also known as the Palace of King Minos. The site of Knossos is one of the greatest archaeology discoveries in the last 100 years made by the explorer Sir Arther Evans. Knossos is the second most visited Archaeological site in Greece, after the Acropolis.

The massive palace of Knossos had over 1500 rooms and is believed to have sparked the tales of the Minotaur and the Labrynth. There are other hints to this legend, like ancient game where children would attempt to grab the horns of a bull and flip onto the back of the beast.

There are other things that make Crete interesting.....The mighty God Zeus was born here, hidden in a cave by his mother Rhea, so his father Cronus could not find and kill him. Crete is also known fine knives, which every young Cretan man is to own. We returned to Aghios Nikolas to shop and swim in the sea, just on the other side of the waterway connecting to a fresh water lake. We would like to have stayed longer!

















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