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Ephesus via Kusadasi

Mother Mary, Temple of Artemis, Library of Celsus and St. John's Cathedral


Today was a very warm day but also a reminder of how much I love Turkey. The port of Kusadasi was beautiful.

We first visited Mother Mary's home where she lived out her final days after Jesus entrusted Paul to care for her by Jesus. Well, that is according to a stigmatic nun as there is no factual record of this. Ephesus on the other hand was a key city of the time, including in the Bible where Paul mailed many of his letters. The Library of Celsus is the most prominent image of Ephesus, but there a many notable structures including baths, stadiums, promenades, and cemeteries. The city size is massive, 3.5 mile circumference all of ruins, many of which are not excavated.

After a short bus ride, we visited the ruins of St. John's Cathedral which, if still standing would be the 7th largest dome in the world. It was created by the same architect as Hagia Sophia in Istanbult. John's tomb sits empty, probably taken and reburied during the crusades. We had a fabulous Turkey lunch (IE - not actually "turkey") and spent time at a wonderful resort overlooking the coast of Kusadasi. Noreen bought a pair silver earrings.

Dinner was at the ship's "Signatures Restaurant" where we shared a table with an IN couple (Alan and Jo G.). They had many connections with us all and it was a wonderful evening. We had drinks with an alumnus from Providence College (Patty), where Noreen attended and remains on their board. A great day!










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